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Abby Green
The bright voice and sweet tunes of Abby Green will serenade you at the Grove Stage, a gazebo close to the Main Gate and Jacob’s Well Pub. Her tranquil, yet lively style of Irish music is sure to inspire you to look on the lovely side of life. Join Abby Green for a relaxing serenade on Sherwood’s musical gazebo, the Grove Stage.

Bard O’Neill
Sherwood’s fiery Bard plays every weekend at the Three Stags Pub. Enjoy a rich medley of sweet and saucy songs that will inspire you and put a smile on your face. Sherwood’s Bard O’Neill will regale you with a blend of rollicking music and some ballads while trading good-natured banter with her "cousins” in the audience.

The Bedlam Bards
A rowdy pair of musicians, these Celtic minstrels will be jitterin’ your leg ‘til ye jump up and dance a jig! Find them at the new Three Stags Pub and the Horseman Stage. And look for the Bedlam Bards’ adult 30-dirty shows (18 and up only) at the Three Stags. The Bedlam Bards will also lead Sherwood’s Pub Sing at Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem Pub at day’s end.

Adults Only for “30-dirty” shows

Cigano 432
This trio of caravan dwellers brings a fresh sound to the rich tradition of gypsy music. Derived from French, Hungarian, German, and Spanish influence, Cigano 432 will take you to a far-off place that is both mysterious and SWINGIN! Ryan Lake and Tyler McCalip team up with percussionist virtuoso, The Great Antone to present you with Cigano 432.
Feb 7 - Mar 4
Circa Paleo
At long last the Elven Celtic quartet known far and wide as Circa Paleo return to their natural habitat: The Elven Hill Stage. This powerhouse of inspiring instrumental music will fill the forest with the spirit of ages long forgotten. Don’t miss what we have all been waiting for when Circa Paleo returns! Circa Paleo will perform all 8 weekends of Sherwood's 2015 season.
Drones N Drums
You won’t want to miss the raucous pipes and drums of Jason Gunn and Justin Piwetz. Hear the power of the bagpipes and the thunder of the Scottish drum at the Horseman stage, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, and marching the high roads and the low roads of Sherwood Forest. Let the sounds of the Highlands take you back to the Olde Country.

Drum Jam
Near the end of each faire day, you can follow the sound of drums deep into the forest, and find yourself at the Seven Sisters Sacred Stone Circle, surrounded by the rhythm of the ancient spirits of Sherwood. If you have a drum of your own, you may join in the cadence of percussion, which will be led by Joachim Morrissey of Gypsy Eyes and the Great Antone of Cigano 432. Come dance and play as we close the day with the sound of rolling thunder!
Dublin Harpers
We welcome back a family that makes wonderful music together! The Dublin Harpers family band will play for you at the Elven Hill Stage each day of the festival. This family of kids, teenagers, and a very cool set of Mom and Dad design and build their own instruments, including the Harps that they play and teach near and far. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham have come together for a perfect marriage of everything harp. Benjamin, luthier, percussionist, and bodhran player has been building, refinishing, and repairing instruments for 15 years. Candyce, a harpist, harper, instructor, director and adjudicator, has been studying the harp her entire life in the Classical, Irish, and Scottish methods. And of course the kids have been in the business all their lives as well.
Faire to Middlin
Join Mab and Gil, two bards with an arsenal of songs both original and traditional. Sometimes bawdy, and sometimes simply and serenely lovely, find Faire to Middlin’ at several locations around the Forest, including the Grove Stage, the Horseman Stage as well as Tobar Tinker’s Pawn Shop Stage. This year they will also regale the young ones with children’s music at the Faery Tea Party.

Expecially suitable for children

The Great Antone
You’ll find this roving musician playing with Cigano 432 on Sherwood’s first 4 weekends, and you’ll also hear his steady drums all through the season at the Jousting shows of the New Riders of the Golden Age. The Great Antone will also join in with various fellow musicians in the lanes and on the stages of Sherwood.
Gunnar Sølberg
Gunnar Sølberg plays upbeat traditional music to warm the heart. Hear his music in the lanes at various times throughout the faire. His Scandinavian and European music will to take your soul back into a bygone area.
Gypsy Eyes
These alluring belly dancers will perform on the Plum Tree stage. With a top-notch percussion team, including Joachim Morrissey, Gypsy Eyes will enchant you at the Greenwoode Theatre each day of the faire. So fill your tankard with a beverage of your choice on the way to the show for a drum and dance show that you won’t soon forget.

Gypsy Rox
Gypsy Rox is a young duo with ancient Gypsy and Celtic roots. Michelle Alany joins the adventurous guitar playing of Ky Hote and the steady rhythm of percussionist Rio Blue to present a feast of instrumentals and songs. Gypsy Rox brings songs and tunes from all over. Their all-original arrangements are sometimes made up on the spot, and no two shows are alike. Gypsy Rox play the Three Stags Pub as our featured guests.
Feb 21 – Mar 8

Hands of Fatima Belly Dance
These energetic belly dancers come from the far and mysterious lands of the East. Feel the rhythm of distant cultures as the Hands of Fatima spin, swirl, and undulate for you as their ensemble of musicians play on! The Hands of Fatima are sure to make you smile. Just follow the sound of Gypsy magic to the Vineyard Stage. They will also appear from time to time at the Round Table of King Richard’s knights.

Klaus of Hamlin
Klaus Wieland, a once up-and-coming star on the German folk-rock scene who “disappeared” to India at the height of his career, has turned up in medieval Nottingham at Sherwood Forest Faire. His fans from the days of olde still wonder where he may be, but you will be lucky enough to find his lovely voice and lilting guitar here at Sherwood! Klaus holds court daily at his family shoe shop Medieval Moccasins, not far from the Joust Arena.

Marc Gunn
The “Celtfather” brings his Autoharp to the Three Stags Pub for three consecutive weekends. Sit and have a listen to Marc Gunn’s colorful world of all things Celtic, Comic, and Cat. Marc will fill thy head with niceties and non-sense as he plays for you songs original, traditional, and others that are somewhere in between. His first show of each day will be Drinking Songs for Cat-Lovers. You’ll also find the “Celtfather” playing at the Plum Tree Stage at times.
Feb 7 - 15

Pub Sing
Near the close of each faire day, all the musicians and actors who have finished their final independent shows will congregate at Ye Olde Tip to Jerusalem Pub for a celebration of the day’s end. A great mash-up of Sherwood performers invite you to sing along and to share in some toasts as the rafters ring with the sound of music and the stomping of dancing feet! Don’t miss the Pub Sing – hosted by the Bedlam Bards. Here’s a health to the company, and one to my lass...

Rambling Sailors
Climb aboard with a musical couple who have serenaded the Renaissance circuit on many a voyage. This salty pair of sea-farers call you to join them at the Grove Stage and the Three Stags Pub on Sherwood’s final two weekends. Lady Susan’s siren voice and Cap’n Gregg’s guitar and squeeze box will take you on a musical journey worth scribing in your log! Ahoy!
Mar 20 - 29

Saxon Moon
Having first played for Sherwood at the first annual Sherwood Celtic Music Festival, these olde world instrumentalists bring mystical sounds of bygone eras, from Viking and Celtic to rhythms of the ancient East. They will be moving their act down to the Greenwoode Theatre, where they will call on the spirits of the ancients in order to stir your soul with mystical tunes.

Scott Boswell
A merry man indeed – but not one who Robin Hood can keep tabs on. Scott Boswell the Minstrel is too freewheeling even for the Prince of Thieves. Scott will be roaming the lanes of Sherwood, playing very quick sets of one or two songs each. His goal is to make music under every tree in the forest every day of the faire. So if you see him, catch him if you can. Scott will also join Shillelagh! for Sherwood’s final two weekends.
Sherwood’s Irish minstrels will arrive at Sherwood for the last two weekends of the faire. Scott Boswell’s guitar and flutes, Laura’s voice and chords, Tree’s deep drums, and Sean Orr’s fiddle give your ears a feast of fine music. Shillelagh! will rock the Three Stags Pub on our final three weekends! Come and give a listen to Irish tunes and songs that will inspire you to dance a jig or stumble a reel!
Mar 14 - 29

Tip the Velvet
Join Carl Asch, a.k.a. Giacomo the Jester and his lively band Tip the Velvet on Sherwood's 7th weekend. Ky Hote also joins the band this year. Allow these fine musical fellows to regale you with exciting original tunes derived from time-honored Celtic traditions of music... and of late night drinking sessions.
Tulstin Troubadours
Here’s a Celtic duo – wait – make that a trio with their new guitarist! These merry minstrels cannot decide which instruments they like to play most – so they just play as many as they can get their hands on! From harp to trombone to drums to the Indian psaltery, the Tulstin Troubadours are sure to put thee in a merry mood. Also listen for their brass horn flourishes that summon you to events like the opening Gate Show and the Joust! Find them at the Grove Stage, The Three Celestials stage, and sometimes at the Plum Tree Stage.

VaNa MaZi
Sherwood welcomes these nomadic musical polyglots to the Elven Hill stage. They are known for playing traditional songs from numerous regions and eras in many different languages. VaNa MaZi will romance you with viola, accordion, Chitarra, and Greek Tsouras. If you can catch them between sets the players of VaNa MaZi may even teach you dances that go with their music, so you can join in the entertainment.

Wine and Alchemy
Give a hearty welcome home to Wine & Alchemy! These traveling gypsies have created a unique experience in World Music, providing a delicious blend of original and traditional world fusion music derived from a wide variety of genres including Celtic, Renaissance, French, Greek, Armenian, "Gypsy", Flamenco, Sephardic, Middle Eastern and others. You can experience this diverse musical journey at the Vineyard Stage all 8 weekend's of Sherwood's 2015 season!

Wolgemut performs historical music on original instruments such as the medieval bagpipes, shawms and bombastic drums as well as quiet instruments like the flute, medieval fiddle and harp.

A little history-

Founded in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has performed throughout the United States and Europe since 1997. Their motto: "We pride ourselves on providing high quality entertainment guaranteed to leave the audience "in a good mood", which happens to be the translation of Wolgemut!
Worthy Waites of Whimsey
The Worthy Waites of Whimsey represent an English town band—a troupe of musicians hired to perform on special occasions. Hear dances, love songs, and much more from many lands. They play only historical replica instruments and their tunes are from the Medieval Period (1150–1400), Early Renaissance (1400–1525) or High Renaissance (1525–1615). Performing mainly on recorders, crumhorns, viol da gamba, vielle, harp, psalteries, cornamuse, hurdy gurdy, and percussion, they invite you to join them for a touch of the truly aulde on the Plum Tree Stage.
Feb 21 - Mar 29