Stage Acts

Unless otherwise noted, all Stage Acts are present all eight weekends of Sherwood Forest Faire’s 2015 season.

To see the music lineup, please visit the Music page for the 27 live bands who will be visiting Sherwood Forest.

Abby Green
The bright voice and sweet tunes of Abby Green will serenade you at the Grove Stage, a gazebo close to the Main Gate and Jacob’s Well Pub.  Her tranquil, yet lively style of Irish music is sure to inspire you to look on the lovely side of life. Join Abby Green for a relaxing serenade on Sherwood’s musical gazebo, the Grove Stage.

March 28th - 29th

Adult School of Sword
Learn to meet interesting people and kill them! Watch and learn as Master Oskar Hasselhoff demonstrates techniques and answers questions about the traditional Medieval weapon of your choice! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.

Archery Tournaments: Longbow, Royal Open, and Greenwoode
Each afternoon in Robin Hood’s Forest there will be THREE different archery tournaments. Will the Bowman will hold the Sherwood Longbow Tournament , Robert de Bowyer will hold the Royal Open Archery Tournament, and the Greenwood Archery group will have their own Tournament, too. Qualify for Will the Bowman’s Longbow Tournament before noon at Will’s Target, or qualify before noon at the Greenwoode Archery Living History Village before noon for the other two Tournaments.
Alan a Dale
HEY KIDS! Robin Hood’s own troubadour, Alan A Dale will haunt the Faery Forest stage each day of the festival. He’ll share with you original songs of Sherwood as well as those written by kid musician Lou Ontko. Learn some Irish sing-along songs and hear tales of Robin Hood and the Merry characters of Sherwood Forest.
Bard O’Neill
Sherwood’s fiery Bard plays every weekend at the Three Stags Pub and the Horseman Stage. Enjoy a rich medley of sweet and saucy songs that will inspire you and put a smile on your face. Sherwood’s Bard O’Neill will regale you with a blend of rollicking music and some ballads while trading good-natured banter with her "cousins” in the audience.

The Bedlam Bards
A rowdy pair of musicians, these Celtic minstrels will be jitterin’ your leg ‘til ye jump up and dance a jig! Find them at the new Three Stags Pub and the Horseman Stage. And look for the Bedlam Bards’ adult 30-dirty shows (18 and up only) at the Three Stags. The Bedlam Bards will also lead Sherwood’s Pub Sing at Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem Pub at day’s end.

Adults Only for “Thirty-Dirty” shows

As you make your way down the hill from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, you may notice a small fenced-in homestead, complete with a chicken coop and a lily pond. Here lady Belz is ready to invite you to sit for a spell, and meet her fine feathered friends. She is likely to tell you stories, speak to you with hand puppets, or simply give you some company as you enjoy the sounds and sights of the faire.

This act is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies.
Boris the Storyteller
Borris returns to Sherwood for more tales of adventure… and misadventure. Seek him out in Sherwood’s children’s area, Once Upon a Time… telling and performing stories in a gypsy manner. You may also find Borris roaming other parts of the festival, telling some bawdy tales that shall go right over the young ones’ sweet little noggins.

Limited Engagement. This act is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies.
Children's School of Sword
Come and watch your children learn the basics of swordplay in a hands-on experience that is fun for all ages. DO NOT BE LATE! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.

This show is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies.
Cigano 432
This trio of caravan dwellers brings a fresh sound to the rich tradition of gypsy music. Derived from French, Hungarian, German, and Spanish influence, Cigano 432 will take you to a far-off place that is both mysterious and SWINGIN! Ryan Lake and Tyler McCalip team up with percussionist virtuoso, The Great Antone to present you with Cigano 432.
Feb 7th and March 4th
Circa Paleo
At long last the Elven Celtic quartet known far and wide as Circa Paleo return to their natural habitat: The Elven Hill Stage. Circa Paleo will be at Sherwood for our three-day St. Patrick’s Weekend only. This powerhouse of inspiring instrumental music will fill the forest with the spirit of ages long forgotten. Don’t miss the weekend we have all been waiting for when Circa Paleo returns!
5th Annual Combat Tournament of Sherwood
Witness 4 international fighting champions, Masters of the Western Martial Arts, pit their strength and brutality against each other in a violent contest where you decide the outcome! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.

This show is not suitable for children due to to explicit adult humor & violence

Dirt Faeries
Ping and Hazelnut create amazing art from dirt, sticks, and finely-colored sand. They have made a nest just inside the two towers of Sherwood’s children’s area, Once Upon a Time... Come observe this rare breed of Dirt Faery in their natural habitat...the dirt.

This act is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies
Drones N Drums
You won’t want to miss the raucous pipes and drums of Jason Gunn and Justin Piwetz. Hear the power of the bagpipes and the thunder of the Scottish drum at the Horseman stage, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, and marching the high roads and the low roads of Sherwood Forest. Let the sounds of the Highlands take you back to the Olde Country.
Dublin Harpers
We welcome back a family that makes wonderful music together! The Dublin Harpers family band will play for you at the Elven Hill Stage each day of the festival. This family of kids, teenagers, and a very cool set of Mom and Dad design and build their own instruments, including the Harps that they play and teach near and far. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham have come together for a perfect marriage of everything harp. Benjamin, luthier, percussionist, and bodhran player has been building, refinishing, and repairing instruments for 15 years. Candyce, a harpist, harper, instructor, director and adjudicator, has been studying the harp her entire life in the Classical, Irish, and Scottish methods. And of course the kids have been in the business all their lives as well.
Faire to Middlin’
Join Mab and Gil, two bards with an arsenal of songs both original and traditional. Sometimes bawdy, and sometimes simply, and serenely lovely, find Faire to Middlin’ at several locations around the Forest, including the Grove Stage, the Horseman Stage as well as Tobar Tinker’s Pawn Shop Stage. This year they will also regale the young ones with children’s music at the Faery Forest Stage.

Fool Hearty
Entertaining the wee ones in Sherwood’s children’s area, Once Upon a Time... are Court Jesters Marquise Zany from Zanzibar and Ima Nutte. They will perform three different shows daily, including Fool’s School, The Royal Fools Variety Show, and The Untrained Dog Show, featuring Blockhead and Polka Dot. These Jesters, who have been voted “Best Children’s Act” THREE TIMES now by Renaissance Magazine, will hold court at the Faery Forest Stage.

The Game of Chess
Sherwood’s new Game Master, young Harry Blackstone spends his weekends at the ancient game of strategy known as Chess. He has constructed an oversized chess board in Once Upon a Time..., where he accepts any challenge for a small remuneration. It will take patience and keen foresight to check mate this Master of the “King’s Game”. This season he is training a new apprentice, who will surely accept some challenges, too. Come and try your hand at besting Sherwood’s Chess Master for a chance at winning a coin of the realm.
Giacomo the Jester
Returning his comedy Juggling show to Sherwood, this professional joker will have you in stitches with his many talents. Find him at the Greenwoode Theatre and around the village, walking on ropes, juggling, conjuring, and sometimes even serenading you. And don’t miss the OOPS! Comedy Knife-Throwing Show that Giacomo performs along with resident fool, Paolo Garbanzo, also at the Greenwoode Theatre.

Absent Mar. 14th – 15th

The Great Antone
You’ll find this roving musician playing with Cigano 432 on Sherwood’s first 4 weekends, and you’ll also hear his steady drums all through the season at the Jousting shows of the New Riders of the Golden Age. The Great Antone will also join in with various fellow musicians in the lanes and on the stages of Sherwood.
The Great Rondini
New to the faire this year, come and be amazed by the Great Rondini!
See him escape from Chains, a straight Jacket and strong Iron Locks --- all at the same time! You’ll find this visiting performer in the lanes and forests of Sherwood, always trying to get into a bind he can’t get out of. Can you stump him when he hands you the Locks?
Drones N Drums
Gunns & Drums is a rhythmic folk duo from New Orleans, with melodious harmonies and an intense passion to change the hearts of people through history and song. Marc Gunn makes the autoharp dance with bluesy rhythms, while Jamie Haeuser's bodhran makes feet tap and hands clap. This Celtic folk duo will be at the Three Stags Pub on Sherwood’s First and Third Weekends.

Feb. 8th-9th and Feb. 22nd-23rd
Gypsy Eyes
With a top-notch percussion team, including Joachim Morrissey, Gypsy Eyes will enchant you at the Plum Tree Stage and the Greenwoode Theatre on the final four weekends of the faire. So fill your tankard with a beverage of your choice on the way to the Plum Tree Stage for a drum and dance show that you won’t soon forget.

Mar. 8th – 30th

Gypsy Rox
Gypsy Rox is a young duo with ancient Gypsy and Celtic roots. Michelle Alany joins the adventurous guitar playing of Ky Hote and the steady rhythm of percussionist Rio Blue to present a feast of instrumentals and songs. Gypsy Rox brings songs and tunes from all over. Their all-original arrangements are sometimes made up on the spot, and no two shows are alike. Gypsy Rox play the Three Stags Pub as our featured guests.

Feb 21st – Mar 8th

Hands of Fatima Belly Dance
These energetic belly dancers come from the far and mysterious lands of the East. Feel the rhythm of distant cultures as the Hands of Fatima spin, swirl, and undulate for you as their ensemble of musicians play on! The Hands of Fatima are sure to make you smile. Just follow the sound of Gypsy magic to the Vineyard Stage. They will also appear from time to time at the Round Table of King Richard’s knights.

The Immortals
Fearless tumblers of incredible skill, the Immortal Brothers, who first appeared at last year’s Sherwood Celtic Music Festival have now arrived in Robin Hood’s forest to wow you with their daring feats of fire-spinning and acrobatic skills! You can find them all around the village and at the Three Clestials Stage. The Immortals will also join the Fire Show in Sherwood’s Campground on Saturdays after the faire closes.
J.R. Knoll, Fantasy Author
The writer of the Chronicles of Brawrloxoss joins us for several weekends near Como’s Italian Ristorante. He’ll be signing books, which will also be available for purchase, and reading passages from them. Enter the world of Brawrloxoss, and follow the unicorn, Shahly as she encounters dragons, rugged cliffs and many other dangers on her heroic quests through multiple novels. Also take a look at Mr. Knoll’s other adventurous titles of fantasy fiction.

Limited Engagement
Klaus of Hamlin
Klaus Wieland, a once up-and-coming star on the German folk-rock scene who “disappeared” to India at the height of his career, has turned up in medieval Nottingham at Sherwood Forest Faire. His fans from the days of olde still wonder where he may be, but you will be lucky enough to find his lovely voice and lilting guitar here at Sherwood! Klaus holds court daily at his family shoe shop Medieval Moccasins, not far from the Joust Arena.

Legends of Robin Hood
The story of Robin Hood continues in this year of 1194. It has been a hard year for the people of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. The hearts of Robin Hood and all the good people of England have been heavy since Duke Leopold of Austria took good King Richard captive one year ago. But not everyone in England is good; and the enemies of the king have been plotting to keep him in exile forever. Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham have been taking advantage of King Richard’s plight by charging high taxes to “pay the King’s ransom.” But Robin Hood knows that Prince John has other plans for the fortunes he’s been collecting in King Richard’s name. Emboldened by the King’s enemies, Duke Leopold has traveled to England to collect the exorbitant sum of 40,000 pounds! Will Robin Hood convince this villain to return the King, or will he have to call on the merry people of Sherwood to take him back by force? Either way, our bold hero is determined to right this wrong… even if he has to lay siege to Nottingham Castle!
Madman Maverick
This insane gypsy performs dangerous and magical feats at the Three Celestials Stage and the Vineyard Stage, just beyond the Falconer’s Stage. Madman Maverick will amaze and confuse you with his variety of stunts and illusions. See him put kids in guillotines, blow fireballs, and make a gypsy fool of himself (and possibly you, too).

Marc Gunn
The “Celtfather” brings his Autoharp to the Horseman Stage for three consecutive weekends. Sit and have a listen to Marc Gunn’s colorful world of all things Celtic, Comic, and Cat. Marc will fill thy head with niceties and non-sense as he plays for you songs original, traditional, and others that are somewhere in between. The “Celtfather” will also be joined by Jamie Hauser on the second and third weekends of Sherwood as a new musical outfit: Gunns and Drums. Be sure to see this new band of old friends at the Three Stags Pub.

Feb. 7th – 15th

Merlin the Wise
The mysterious man who lives backward through time welcomes you to join him in Once Upon a Time... Sherwood’s children’s area.

See Merlin perform astounding acts of disappearing, levitating, and magically causing kids of all ages to laugh.

Come see amazing feats of magic with music by Merlin and friends. Also look for Merlin, along the paths of the forest.
New Riders of the Golden Age
With a hearty HUZZAH and a mug raised high above your head, please help Sherwood Forest welcome this legendary jousting team, The New Riders of the Golden Age! These bold knights will awe you with sword fighting and daring deeds in a stunt show guaranteed to amaze you. But then… at each performance these true-to-life jousters will also clash against one another in genuine solid lance, heavy armor FULL CONTACT competitive jousting matches. A team of the original Full Contact jousting group, Warhorse Productions, the New Riders of the Golden Age bring pageantry and peril to Sherwood Forest’s Joust Arena. HUZZAH!
5th Annual Jousting Tournaments of Sherwood
Feb 28 – Mar 1 & Mar 28 - 29

This season the Sherwood Forest Faire and the New Riders of the Golden Age will host TWO full-contact jousting tournaments! The first will be on Sherwood’s 4th weekend, Feb 28 & Mar 1, and the second Tournament will be on our final weekend, Mar 28 & 29. Mark your calendars, for these shall be days of ACTION indeed! Between 8 and 12 jousters will compete each day of these two weekends to win the king’s favour as the mightiest knight in the realm!

The OOPS! Comedy Knife Throwing Show
Giacomo the Jester and his not-so-trusty apprentice Paolo Garbanzo compete for laughs in this hilarious and death-defying act at the Greenwoode Theatre. You may get to be part of the fun and danger too, as they will choose several of our fine patrons to help them juggle and throw sharp objects at each other. Bring your own blindfold, because you may just decide to use it.

Absent Mar. 14th -16th

Paolo Garbanzo the Fool
Find this crazy Italian juggling knives, throwing fire, and balancing on precarious objects at the Greenwoode Theatre. This flawless manipulator of dangerous objects will have you juggling yourself as you try not to laugh your way off of your seat. Paulo will also team up with Giacomo the Jester for a knife-throwing show that will either frighten away all your troubles, or chop them into mincemeat.

This act is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies

Pirates of Sherwood
Arrrrrr! Still land-locked with a wrecked ship, the Pirates of Sherwood are back with all new adventures. Now that their supply of rum has run dry. They have squandered the treasure that they were so lucky to recover. The Pirates of Sherwood are on the prowl, seeking a new fortune, and causing mischief all along the way. Find them at the Pirate Territory Stage and all about the forest.

Careful when you meet them. Despite their charm they are pirates after all!

Private Sword Tutoring
Work with the traditional Medieval weapon of your choice in an interactive session taught by a Master! Only 3 students per session, Adults only. This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.

Adults only
The Queen’s Court
Several times a day her Majesty Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine holds court at Sherwood Keep across from the Entrance to Once Upon a Time… Sherwood’s children’s quarter.

Join the queen and her royal train at the new castle on top of the hill as she receives those who would honor her, hosts various entertainers, and conducts the business of the English Court.

Those wishing to seek knighthood may also enquire with her highness as to whether she hath any quest for them to prove their worth.
Pub Sing
Near the close of each faire day, all the musicians and actors who have finished their final independent shows will congregate at Ye Olde Tip to Jerusalem Pub for a celebration of the day’s end. A great mash-up of Sherwood performers invite you to sing along and to share in some toasts as the rafters ring with the sound of music and the stomping of dancing feet! Don’t miss the Pub Sing – hosted by the Bedlam Bards. Here’s a health to the company, and one to my lass...

Rambling Sailors
Climb aboard with a musical couple who have serenaded the Renaissance circuit on many a voyage. This salty pair of sea-farers call you to join them at the Grove Stage and the Three Stags Pub on Sherwood’s final two weekends. Lady Susan’s siren voice and Cap’n Gregg’s guitar and squeeze box will take you on a musical journey worth scribing in your log! Ahoy!

Mar. 20th - 29th

Saxon Moon
Having first played for Sherwood at the 2011 Sherwood Celtic Music Festival, these olde world instrumentalists bring mystical sounds of bygone eras, from Viking and Celtic to rhythms of the ancient East. They will be moving their act up to the Elven Hill Stage, but they will return to the Three Stags Pub for St. Patrick’s Weekend.

Seadog Slam Pirate Poetry
Special guests the Sea Dogs, will be boarding the pirate stage on Sherwood’s second weekend. They shall face off against one another in combat… not with cutlasses and axes – Nay! The pen be mightier than the sword! And these candle-burning pirates have many a salty verse for thee. Join them at the Pirate Territory Stage for a bit of Pirate Culture and a challenge of the wits.

Feb 16th -17th

Shakespeare For Kids By Kids
The Improved Shakespeare Company consists of two different troupes ranging in age from six to thirteen years. The players rehearse in a hovel many miles from the forest on the east side of ye olde towne of Austin. Determined to make Shakespeare accessible for even the youngest rabble, this traveling troupe presents the stories of the bard using a mix of both 'modern' and Shakespearean language. Never fear, ye lads and lassies! By our troth, we will help thee 'get' Shakespeare at the Three Celestials Stage.

Mar 28th - 29th. This show is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies.
Shakespeare Parodies
Shakespeare was once summoned by Merlin to Sherwood Forest 400 years before his own life time! Although he has faded back to his own time of the 16th Century. He has left behind a band of actors who continue to perform off-beat spoofs of the Shakespeare’s work.

Don’t miss the Bloody Horrible Mass Stabbing and Messy Death of Julius Caesar. You may even get to take the stage yourself! Find these merry players on the The Plum Tree Stage and around the village.
Sherwood’s Faeries
If you think you are seeing things – well, you are! These things are the fae folk of Sherwood, and they are as diverse as they are numerous. All over Sherwood Forest you’ll meet them.

Faeries, elves, drow, gnomes, sprigans, and other creatures, may not have believed in before today. They are eager to share their love for life and laughter with you…

They will hold a great elf battle, they will conduct Sherwood’s first Maypole dance and don’t miss the Faery Picnic across from the Roman ruins beside Maid Marian’s Chapel.
Sherwood Mud Show
Come hither yon patrons and revel in the soiled splendor of muddy merriment known as the Sherwood Mud Show! Laugh and jest as otherwise respectable peasant folk do stupid things in a pile of filthy mud for your enjoyment! Juggling and foolery will find your way to the Mud Show Stage located close to the Coin Mint along the fence downhill from Como’s Ristorante Italiano. This year FOUR mud mongers will soil your senses for a fun-filled show for the whole family.

This show is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies.
Sherwood Puppet Show
Join the Pendragon Puppet Players for a series of silly stories told by peculiar puppet people. Punch and Judy will be there, and other familiar fairy tales, too! Kids of every age and kids of every kind will have a wonderful time at Sherwood’s new puppet show! Find these delightful characters at the Puppet Theatre Wagon in Sherwood Forest’s Children’s area, Once Upon a Time…
Sherwood’s Irish minstrels will arrive at Sherwood for the last two weekends of the faire. Scott Boswell’s guitar and flutes, Laura’s voice and chords, Tree’s deep drums, and Sean Orr’s fiddle give your ears a feast of fine music. Shillelagh! will be the featured band at the Three Stags Pub on Mar. 22nd and 23rd, and they will return to the Vineyard Stage the following weekend. Come and give a listen to Irish tunes and songs that will inspire you to dance a jig and reel!

Mar 14th – Mar 29th

Sky Kings Falconry
King Richard’s own falconry master, Sir Robert Cheseman, appears at the Falconry Stage several times daily and will also make one appearance each day in Once Upon a Time... Sherwood’s children’s area. Watch these amazing birds in flight, and learn about their history, their special skills, and what you can do to help them remain the Kings of the Sky for many more centuries to come.

This act is especially suited to the younger lords and ladies

Tulstin Troubadours
Here’s a Celtic duo – wait – make that a trio with their new guitarist! These merry minstrels cannot decide which instruments they like to play most – so they just play as many as they can get their hands on! From harp to trombone to drums to the Indian psaltery, the Tulstin Troubadours are sure to put thee in a merry mood. Also listen for their brass horn flourishes that summon you to events like the opening Gate Show and the Joust!

VaNa MaZi
Sherwood welcomes these nomadic, musical polyglots to the Elven Hill stage. They are known for playing traditional songs from numerous regions and eras in many different languages. VaNa MaZi will romance you with viola, accordion, Chitarra, and Greek Tsouras. If you can catch them between sets the players of VaNa MaZi may even teach you dances that go with their music, so you can join in the entertainment.

Washing Well Wenches
Sherwood welcomes the Washing Well Wenches again for all 8 weekends of the faire! Good Clean Fun - Wet Dirty Women. Your village laundresses, Corky and Daphne, will scrub your funny bone and knock your socks off... into the wash, that is! New, naughty, and absolutely available! Find them at the Washing Well stage for 27 minutes of pure bliss!

Wine and Alchemy
Wine and Alchemy returns! This unique world music band, performs a fusion of original and traditional music derived from a wide variety of times and cultures including: Greek, Gypsy, Celtic, Medieval European, French, Sephardic, Turkish, and others. In addition to vocals in a myriad of languages, violin, accordion, and guitar, the band features a variety of exotic instruments including hurdy gurdy, Turkish saz or greek bouzouki, harmonium, viola da gamba, tupan and a hand drum kit comprised of doubek, djembe, kick tupan, and cymbals. Singer, composer, director, and harmonium and hurdy gurdy player, Roxanne Bruscha, adds to the visual of Wine and Alchemy's live show with a unique World Fusion Belly Dance performance featuring veil spinning and sword balancing. You’ll find this wonderful renaissance favorite at the Vineyard Stage.

Worthy Waites of Whimsey
The Worthy Waites of Whimsey represent an English town band—a troupe of musicians paid to perform on special occasions. Hear dances, love songs, and much more from many lands. They play only historical replica instruments and their tunes are from the Medieval Period (1150–1400), Early Renaissance (1400–1525) or High Renaissance (1525–1615). Performing mainly on recorders, crumhorns, viol da gamba, psalteries, cornamuse, hurdy gurdy, and percussion, join them for a touch of the truly auld on the Plum Tree Stage.
Feb 21st – Mar 29th

End of Day Drum Jam
Near the end of each faire day, you can follow the sound of drums deep into the forest, and find yourself at the Seven Sisters Sacred Stone Circle, surrounded by the rhythm of the ancient spirits of Sherwood. If you have a drum of your own, you may join in the cadence of percussion, which will be led by the Great Antone of Darbuki Kings. Come dance and play as
we close the day with the sound of rolling thunder!