Feasting and Wine Tastings

Faire admission is not included in the ticket price for the following events:

Grand Opening of the Great Hall [still in progress]

Come and see the progress of our Great Hall!!! Be the one to say, I was there from the early stages. Robin Hood’s Feast will take place in the Great Hall henceforth. Huzzah!!

Robin’s Feast

According to legend, Robin and his Merry Men would accost wealthy nobles traveling through Sherwood Forest, feast them, and then require a certain amount of largesse on their part in order to pay the feast expenses.  Our feast is a six-course meal and all-you-can-drink extravaganza, complete with music, dancing and laughter!  Don’t worry; your “largesse” is collected in advance, so you won’t be required to empty your pockets at the end of this entertaining adventure!

Join Robin Hood and the merry folk of Sherwood Forest for a country banquet fit for Kings and outlaws alike!  Each feastgoer will enjoy a six course meal including fruit and cheese, a soup course, several meat & vegetable courses in succession, and a decadent dessert course.  Delicious vegetarian options are also available for this feast – and they are so tasty that your omnivorous neighbors may wish they had chosen your menu!  (Those who wish to partake of the vegetarian menu must email 72 hours in advance of their seating).

Beverage options include soda, water, Thorin’s Viking Mead, Thorin’s Knightly Mead, beer and wine.  Our serving staff will work hard to keep your cup from ever running empty! Speaking of cups, Feast goers will also receive a custom pottery goblet that is not available for sale. It is made by Sherwood’s own potter, David Pluth.




Robin will host one feast for a maximum of 40 people per seating each Saturday and also on Closing Sunday (Mar 30) from from 12pm-2pm.  Tickets are $79 before December 31 and $89 after.  Purchase now.


Ok, here it is: the exclusive goblet for Robin’s Feast! Only feast goers will receive this goblet. The feast is amazing. Friar Tuck has even invented a new game for it.

2014 Menu

 First Course

Seasonal fruit and cheese plate

 Second Course

Tomato Basil Bisque served in a Home made Bread Bowl

             Third Course     

Baked Chicken Legs and Thighs Marinated in white wine, lemons, fresh garlic and, mixed herbs with a medley of Roasted Mixed Root Vegetables

 Vegetarian alternative:

Fried Eggplant strips with Como’s signature Marinara

 Fourth Course

Red Wine Marinated Roasted Pork Loin with a Brown Sugar Brandy glaze Served with Roasted Italian Seasoned Potatoes

 Vegetarian alternative:

Vegetable Primavera:  Fresh Vegetable Medley Sautéed in a White Wine Garlic Pesto Cream Sauce served over Pasta.

 Fifth Course

Lightly Seasoned Seared and Baked Duck Breast

 Vegetarian alternative:

Grilled Marinated portabella mushroom cap with a light Vegetable stuffing

 Sixth Course

Handmade bread pudding drizzled with a mead infused sauce

Click here to download the Robin’s Feast Menu.  For questions about the menu or to request a Vegetarian meal, please contact RobinsFeast@SherwoodForestFaire.com.

Attendees of Robin’s Feast may also partake of an abundance of beer, wine, Thorin’s Viking Mead, Thorin’s Knightly Mead, soda and water, served in your souvenir commemorative wine goblet, made by faire artist David Pluth of Flint Stoneware.  Beverages will be continuously replenished until the meal is done or until your thirst is quenched!


Tickets are only available online, in advance, and guests must be aged 21 or older.  Tickets are purchasable via our Tickets page.  Faire admission is not included and must be purchased separately.

A Bacchus Wine Tasting

Join Marilyn Merlot and her brother, Maddox, as they explore the world of wine! Each tasting features 3 whimsical white wines, 3 sumptuous red wines, and a 7th surprise wine to complete the Bacchus Celebration. These siblings will take the connoisseur and the newcomer alike on an experience filled with hijinks and hilarity that just might make you wonder why you waited so long to walk on the “winey side”. Each tasting includes not only wines from all over the world, but carefully chosen food pairings, entertainment and your own commemorative etched goblet emblazoned with the Sherwood Forest Faire Logo. But watch out, wine tasting dates and time may sell out, so get your tickets early!


Wine Tastings take place on select Saturdays and Sundays.  Visit our ticketing website for more details


Tickets are only available online, in advance, and guests must be aged 21 or older.  Tickets are purchasable via our Tickets page.  Faire admission is not included and must be purchased separately.