All acts are present both days (Sep 12-13, 2015) unless otherwise noted.

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Alan A Dale
HEY KIDS! Robin Hood’s own troubadour, Alan A Dale will haunt the Faery Forest stage both days of the festival. He’ll share with you original songs of Sherwood as well as those written by kid musician Lou Ontko. Learn some Irish sing-along songs and hear tales of Robin Hood and the Merry characters of Sherwood Forest. And next weekend at the Sherwood Texas Music Jamboree, look for Alan a Dale’s secret identity, David O’Leary, who will play for you original songs as well as favorites from the 80’s and 90’s. Find Alan a Dale at the Faery Forest Stage, and other stages around the festival

Black Irish Texas
Sun Sep 13 (Celtic) and Sun Sep 20 (Texas Jam)

These are the bad boys of Celtic Rock! They fuse Rockabilly and punk with fast and furious Celtic tunes. Brandishing guitar, banjo, upright bass, drums, and Celtic fiddle… they are fully all loaded.
Since November ’04 when the Black Irish got together they have enjoyed sharing stages with world
renowned acts and punk veterans such as the Dropkick Murphys and the Street Dogs. Hailing from Austin, Texas these Psychobilly reelers are sure to make some noise you can slam-dance to. These tough guys play on Sunday at the Grenwoode Theatre, and will return to the Greenwoode on the Sunday of the Sherwood Texas Music Jamboree.

Sat Sep 12

On the Festival’s first day a hard-edged ensemble of rockers returns to the Greenwoode Theatre, bringing you “Stout Irish Rock.” Informed by everything from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath, Blaggards are vocalists Patrick Devlin (guitar) and Chad Smalley (bass), plus fiddler Britany Johnson and drummer Michael McAloon. Grab a stout ale, and settle in for a rockin’ Stout Irish set by these rough-ridin’ Dubliners… just don’t call them “the” Blaggards and everything will be cool.

Cleghorn is a Texas Celtic rock band featuring the father and son team of John Cleghorn (vocals, guitars) and Dylan Cleghorn (fiddle, didgeridoo, vocals) with the rock solid rhythm of Mike Griffin (bass) and Paul Muller (drums). Cleghorn music mixes original songwriting with blazing traditional Celtic fiddle tunes. Cleghorn has performed for enthusiastic audiences and stirred up festivals all over the nation with their

unique brand of Celtic rock. On the first night of the festival Cleghorn will play 1 late set, and then will continue on Sunday, rocking out the Greenwoode Theatre.

Constant Billy
Sun Sep 12

"Constant Billy, one of Houston's longest-standing and continuously-performing acts, preserves the tradition of timeless Celtic music deep in the heart of Texas. Their lively reels and jigs keep audiences toe tapping, hand clapping and hollering for more. But it is their songs- Irish, Scottish and English ballads and their own, self-penned originals that define them and their performances. The duo- Emily Standish & Bill Galbraith– manage to combine energy, precision and fun in a way that encourages audiences to join them in song.

"Dedicated members of the Houston music community, Emily and Bill share their extensive knowledge of Celtic music as co-hosts on KPFT’S Irish Aires radio program. So, grab a pint and sing along to the rollicking melodies of Constant Billy!" - Pete Little, KPFT Radio 90.1FM

Look for this delightful duo on the Elven Hill Stage.

Diane Linn
Diane Linn is a versatile singer/songwriter with a sound that is best described as “American Celtic”.
“If you have been to a Renaissance Festival, Pirate Festival, an Irish Festival, or a Highland Games, you know many of these tunes. Some tunes are refreshingly rare, and hence new. All of the arrangements are original. Diane has one of those deep, lusty voices that punches out songs like ‘We Won’t Wait Any Longer’, and then she’ll turn around and seduce with ‘Glencoe.’ She presents a nice mix of toe-tapping songs as well as a couple of slower laments.”-Sinadadubh, music critic, The Renaissance Herald, Corona,
Hear Diane’s sweet and saucy voice and her bold guitar at the Three Stags Irish Pub, where Texas Celtic favorite Sean Orr will accompany her on fiddle.

Drones n Drums
Join these two lively Scotsmen for a revue of bagpipe tunes that will surely surprise you. Enjoy their funny banter as they demonstrate the power of Scottish instruments that need no amplification. You will also want to join Drones N Drums for their fourth annual “Air Bagpipe” competition where they will relinquish the limelight as they provide a live soundtrack for would be “Air Bagpipe” players. Brave audience members will get a chance to hold a set of silent pipes while marching and dancing as if they

are piping with all their might. You’ll find Drones and Drums at the Horseman Stage and roving to other stages all around the village.

Dublin Harpers
The Dublin Harpers are more than just a family harp band from Dublin, Ohio. This family of kids, teenagers, and a very cool set of Mom and Dad design and build their own instruments, including the Harps that they play and teach all over the country. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham have come together for a perfect marriage of everything harp. Benjamin, luthier, percussionist, and bodhran player has been building, refinishing, and repairing instruments for 15 years. Candyce, a harpist, harper, instructor, director and adjudicator, has been studying the harp her entire life in the Classical, Irish, and Scottish methods. In addition to her qualifications and certifications to teach harp, Candyce has won many accolades as a student and professional harpist. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham invite you to become part of the Dublin Harpers experience. Find them at the Vineyard Stage and the Elven Hill Stage. And also look for their harp workshop if you wish to learn the wonderful instruments that the Dunhams design, create, and play as a family of artists.

Emergency Service Pipes and Drums (E.S.P.A.D.A.)
Sun Sep 13

The Emergency Service Pipes And Drums Association (E.S.P.A.D.A.) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was originally created to honor fire fighters, police, and paramedics that died in the line of duty. They have expanded to be a part of the vibrant musical culture of Austin and the Central Texas area. The band performs in parades, festivals and community events. These performers have also been memorable parts for many people's weddings, funerals and other celebrations.

ESPADA was founded by members of the Austin Fire Dept. Pipe & Drum Corps, the Austin Police Pipes and Drum Corp, and the Georgetown Fire Dept. Pipes and Drums. As they've grown over the years, they now have members from Austin Travis County Fire/Rescue & EMS, Bryan FD, College Station FD, Corpus Christi FD, and Round Rock FD. Currently, their full organization is 30 performing bagpipers and drummers strong.

Our Mission Statement
To provide public appreciation and support of central Texas emergency response providers, including area fire department, police departments, and emergency medical service providers.
To preserve and promote the tradition of Pipes and Drums in emergency response service.
To promote the appreciation of the Great Highland Bagpipes and Scottish drumming and related Celtic Arts, through pipe and drum instruction and performance in special events, parades, and funerals.
To preserve the tradition of honoring fallen emergency public servants through traditional bagpipe
funeral processions and special events.
To support the continuing good relationship between central Texas emergency response providers and
the communities they serve.

Find E.S.P.A.D.A. on Sunday at the Vineyard Stage, and other venues around the village. They will also
lead our 1:00PM Celtic Clan Parade

Faire to Middlin
Gil Faire and Mab Middlin perform as the musical duo Faire to Middlin, two lively world-traveled minstrels who accompany themselves with classical guitar, Irish whistle, and traveling dulcimer. They bring you a mix of the traditional and original with rollicking toe-tappers, lyrical ballads, and mournful laments.
Join in the fun with this delightful, creative, and often zany couple of musicians in love. This year, as a special treat, Cedric Fithelere of the Bedlam Bards will add his talented fiddling to the act. Come sing, dance, and laugh along with them at the Three Stags Pub and possibly some other venues around the village.

Sat Sep 12

Flashpoint is a trio of young musicians performing contemporary folk music rooted in the traditions of Ireland and Scotland. With a sound that is both sophisticated and spontaneous, they put on a stirring live show that is engaging to a variety of audiences. See these prodigies of Celtic music perform at the Elven Hill Stage on Saturday.

The Gothard Sisters
Over the course of nearly 1,000 shows since they formed as a Celtic band in 2006, The Gothard Sisters – who are truly sisters – have become internationally recognized as multi-instrumentalist Celtic-influenced folk musicians, songwriters, and performers from the Pacific Northwest, USA. Regularly performing more than 120 shows a year, the Gothard Sisters have built a loyal following by connecting with audiences in a lively, entertaining and touching way. In addition to their musical endeavors, each of the sisters are highly trained in competitive Irish dance, bringing the heart-pounding

rhythms of Ireland to their live shows for a dynamic surprise to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. In 2013, the Irish Music Awards presented the Gothard Sisters with Best New Irish Artist, and they were awarded with Album of the Year for Celtic Radio in 2011 for their album Story Girl. And Summer 2015 will see the release of The Gothard Sisters’ long-awaited 3rd original album, Mountain Rose. You’ll find these prodigious sisters at the Elven Hill Stage both days of the festival.

Irish Dance Center of Austin
Here are some young ladies with old souls indeed; for they have the rhythm of the ancients in their hearts. See them dance to reels and jigs in the Irish Tradition. Eimir Ni Mhaoileidigh T.C.R.G. is a former World Champion Irish dancer with more titles than she can count. A student of the renowned Inis Ealga School of Irish Dance, Eimir trained under her father, Maitiu O’Maoileidigh, and Marie Duffy, choreographer for Lord of the Dance. After many years of teaching students in Ireland and all over the United Sates, Eimir settled in Austin and founded the Irish Dance Center in 1997. The school offers classes in all the basic techniques of traditional Irish Step Dancing for adults and children over age 4. Use the links below to find out how you can learn to dance like these talented young Irish dancers. Enjoy the hard work of these young dancers at the Great Hall as well as The Elven Hill Stage.

The Jig is Up
The Jig Is Up! combines fiddle, flute, accordion, guitar and vocals for a vibrant rendition of the energetic traditional music and songs of Ireland. The band's goal is to remain true to ancient Irish traditions while performing the music in a lively and creative manner. Whether playing flute tunes from Sligo and Roscommon, fiddle tunes from Clare, or polkas and slides from Kerry, the energy generated by The Jig is Up! will excite and delight you! One client said of the band, “They are seriously good musicians… The 80 people packed in the house all fell in love with the band... like a family feast in an Irish home. They made it perfect.” The band, based in Houston, formed when the members, after playing together in jam sessions, realized that they share the same love of Irish traditional music and the same mindset about how the music is best presented. This year come up to the Elven Hill Stage to see The Jig Is Up!

Klaus Weiland
Once an up-and-coming star on the German folk-rock scene, Klaus “disappeared” to India at the height of his career. Though he never returned to the pop charts, Klaus has re-appeared at the Sherwood Forest Faire and Sherwood Celtic Music Festival. Some of his fans from the days of old still wonder where he may be; but you will be lucky enough to find his lovely voice and lilting guitar wafting among the trees of Sherwood Forest. Find him serenading patrons near Medieval Moccasins shoe shop near the Highland Games Arena. Klaus will be playing at both the Celtic Music Festival and the Texas Music Jamboree.

Kristen Jensen
Kristen Jensen, of Poor Man’s Fortune and Earl Grey in the Morning fame, returns to the Elven Hill Stage. A versatile violinist in every tradition, Kristen works and studies with many of the finest musicians in the Houston music scene; from Celtic to Gypsy to hard rock, classical, and any other genre you could name. She also continues to wows audiences as a soloist, and directs her own music studio, in the Heights of Houston, where she is training the next generation of violinists to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Find this fiery fiddler at the Elven Hill Stage and the Three Stags Pub.

Look for this roving group of Irish musicians at the Three Stags Pub, the Horseman Stage and in the lanes of Sherwood Forest. They are especially likely to be near the front gate. Here’s their recipe for fun Celtic music on the run: Take one smidgen of traditional Irish tunes. Add a pinch of contemporary Celtic. Season to taste with humor and song. Blend well at high speed for 30 minutes or longer. Slam it down, chase with Scotch, and call it O'Malarkey! Find O’Malarkey at the Three Stags Pub, The Horseman Stage, and roaming the lanes of Sherwood Forest.

Puppet Show!
Our hero is a frog in the super-funny puppet play "Amphibirose McDoogle". Set in Ireland you'll find lots of wild animals, and even a MONSTER! Find out how the valiant Amphibirose uses Celtic music to keep her friends safe from harm. Find the Puppet Show at the Puppet Theater Wagon, and sometimes at the Faery Forest Stage in Sherwood's kids' area, Once Upon a Time...
San Antonio Pipes and Drums
Sat Sep 12

A dedicated group of bagpipers and Scottish Drummers make up the San Antonio Pipes and Drums. This non-profit organization formed in 1986, strives to present traditional bagpipe band music for the enjoyment of both musician and audience. Members wear traditional Scottish attire, each kilt in an authentic tartan of the member's choice so that many clans are represented. Instruments played are the Great Highland Bagpipes and specially-tuned drums. The group strives to improve performance and to encourage and assist beginners. Participants range in age from teenagers to "over 70" retirees. They average from 60 to 70 performances each year in special events, festivals, and celebrations over much of Texas. A popular attraction at the Texas Folklife Festival each year since their formation, the band is also proud to have played for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the president of Mexico when they visited San Antonio. They represented the city of San Antonio in a Fiestas Octubre Parade in Guadalajara, Mexico, and were the first musical group officially to perform in the Alamodome. The San Antonio Pipes and Drums will play on Saturday at various locations around the festival grounds, including the Highland Games arena, the front gate, and the Vineyard Stage.

Sat Sep 12

Shillelagh! have played at Sherwood Forest Faire since day one. Laura Leom sings a wide range of Irish songs, accompanied by her own guitar, as well as flautist and guitarist Scott Boswell, percussionist Tree Leom, and fiddler Sean Orr. Imagine a band of faeries playing music under a toadstool for all the animals of the forest; add a head-banging court jester, and you’ll have an idea of what this wonderful band embodies. Come ready to dance along with this magical group of lively entertainers on the second weekend of the festival. Find these vagabonds at the Three Stags Pub on the first day of the Festival.

Solar Rain
The incredible troupe of fire dancers, who rocked the Sherwood Campgrounds last faire season, return for Sherwood Celtic Music Festival to translate the musical rhythms of Tuatha Dea into visual expressions of flaming. Staff, poi, fire blowing, and many other flaming objects you have never seen! Come see these inspired Pyromaniacs pay homage to one of our visiting headliners, Tuatha Dea, at the Greenwoode Theatre.

Therese Honey
This harper of wide renown has been perfecting her craft as a soloist and also playing with Texas Renaissance favorite Wyndnwyre since 1976! Therese brings her harp to Sherwood Celtic Music Festival for some solo sets of pure beauty to your ears. Though she makes it look easy, she has studied these complicated numbers for many years. So find a shady bench, and let this master of the Celtic harp take you to the old country on a cloud of magical strings. Find Therese gracefully sounding her strings at the Vineyard Stage

Tuatha Dea
CELTIC TRIBAL GYPSY ROCK! Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World Music twist. The band’s eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and non-conventional instruments such as guitar, bass, modern and Native American flutes, Didgeridoo and more. They also intone a myriad of vocal styles to create a truly unique sound. Born of a family drum circle, the group delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and the family as well. Their rhythmic groove naturally inspires audience participation which has become a staple of their performances. From the beginning the band has embraced its Celtic heritage and meshed the traditional music of Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain with the pulse-pounding heartbeat of the drums to produce unique versions of traditional favorites like “Aillien Duinn”, “Danny Boy”, “Whiskey In A Jar”, “Loch Lomond” , “Skye Boat” and others. The group’s eclectic nature also incorporates a rock, blues, new age, world and even punk edge into their repertoire of material to further widen their appeal. Find this rocking Celtic fusion band both days of the festival at the Greenwoode Theatre.

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