Thanks for your interest in becoming a vendor at our events!  We  have the following upcoming opportunities:

Fourth Annual Sherwood Celtic Music Festival: Sep 20-21, & 27-28, 2014.
Application deadline Jul 31, 2014

  • 2 weekends show focusing on Celtic music, Highland Games, history and culture.
  • Previous attendance: 2011: 6k; 2012: 7k, 2013:
  • Celebrates the entire arc of Celtic history, including modern times; no period requirement for goods
  • We prefer handmade goods or items relevant to Celtic history, but are fairly relaxed about this

Vendors who participate in Sherwood Forest Faire gain automatic acceptance to the Sherwood Forest Celtic Festival if they wish to participate.   We encourage anyone who wishes to participate in the faire to try this event as a “test run” to see if we can work well together.

Sixth Annual Sherwood Forest Faire: Weekends Feb 7-Mar 29 & Fri Mar 20, 2015.
Application deadline: Oct 31, 2014

  • 8-weekend medieval themed show
  • Previous attendance: 2010: 32k; 2011: 42k; 2012: 59k; 2013: 71k (best weather year!); 2014: 71k (worst weather year!)
  • Set in the late twelfth century in the era of Robin Hood
  • Strict rules and regulations about period authenticity are applied to all goods and their presentation
  • No further imports allowed.


Q.  What are the fees for being a vendor at Sherwood Forest Faire?

A.  Have a look at our Fee Schedule.

Q. What is Sherwood Forest Faire’s vendor acceptance methodology?

A.  Our policy (which we have always instinctively followed, but only made official after the conclusion of our 2013 season) is to “replace what we lose and add a few.” Since we usually lose 7-10 vendors to attrition each season, this means we would typically accept 10-15 new vendors from year to year.  This is how it has worked out each year so far.  We started off in 2010 with a fairly huge marketplace for the size of our show, and our patron population is still growing into it.

Q. If I know that a vendor, for example a soapmaker, is leaving the show, does that mean you will definitely be accepting a new soapmaker?

A. It increases the chances, but it is not certain that we will replace each vendor who leaves with the same type of vendor.  We are constantly trying to balance the marketplace and make sure everyone has a chance to do well.  If we feel that a category might be slightly overpopulated we may let it shrink, especially if that has something to do with the reason the original vendor left.

Q.  Are there certain categories that are really easy to get into?

A.  We can’t get enough fine art – painting, sculpture, etc.

Q. Are there certain categories that are really hard to get into?

A.  Yes, but we are still receiving renewal applications from last year’s vendors, so we aren’t quite sure where we stand with that yet. This page should be updated soon with some more info on that.

Q.  When should I apply?

A.  For the best chance, apply as soon as possible.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.  You have better chance of getting in if you send in your application earlier rather than later.  If we just accepted a widget maker and you come along with your widgets, it is extremely unlikely we would accept your application also.  We don’t usually add two of one thing in a season.

Q.  Can I apply in person / on the phone?

A.  No.  The Craft Jury all live in separate locations and we often convene online to make our decisions.  If you are serious about participating in our events, read the information here and send in an application via mail or email.  We will happily accept and review in detail any written narratives, photos, presentations or anything else you wish to submit along with the application.

Q.  Can I send in samples?

A.  Yes.  If you include return postage, they can be mailed back to you, or you can pick them up at the Faire site by appointment.

Q.  Do you do “Guest Weekends” or partial seasons?

A. No.  Maybe down the road.

Q. Can I build a booth if I am accepted?

A.  You can build a booth after you have completed one season of Sherwood Forest Faire.  We think prudence is best when considering a significant investment like that.  You should make sure you like working with us, and we want to be sure of the same before allowing a new structure to go up.


Download the Participant Handbook

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Download the 2014-2015 Fee Schedule

Download the Vendor Application


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Updated 13 May 2014